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– Definition and function of beta-galactosidase

A type of enzyme that hydrolyzes lactose, also known as β-galactosidase.

β-galactosidase refers to an enzyme that hydrolyzes lactose belonging to the pentose sugar, and hydrolyzes

β-galactosidase to make galactose.The most representative one is lactase, which is also used synonymously with lactase.

In general, during infancy, a lot is distributed in the intestine and the activity is high, but as it grows, the amount decreases slightly and the activity is also much lower.


In addition, β-galactosidase decomposes lactose, but is also an enzyme that combines galactose molecules with lactose to produce Galactooligosaccharide(GOS).

SB Food Co., Ltd. manufactures its own β-galactosidase and uses it to produce Galactooligosaccharidesand sells enzymes externally. Currently, there are many kinds of oligosaccharides produced and sold at local and abroad, but Galactooligosaccharides are known to have the highest physiological function.


In particular, milk powder companies produce Galactooligosaccharide as a physiologically functional material by adding milk powder to milk powder.

It is also widely used as a raw material for various health functional foods, and its sales volume is increasing every year.


【Molecular structure of β-galactosidase]