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Maltooligosaccharide is a natural oligosaccharide made from starch as a raw material using a specialty enzyme.

It is widely used in various foods, and especially, its sweetness is about ¼ of sugar, and it is used as an alternative sweetener for sugar and syrup because its texture is soft.

Specialty enzymes that produce maltooligosaccharides have been developed using natural fermentation technology at SB FOOD and are currently being supplied to maltooligosaccharide manufacturers / producers.

In Japan, oligosaccharides are the most commonly consumed oligosaccharides, accounting for about 11,000 tons per year. They are mainly used in confectionery, baking and specialty drinks (soy drinks, etc.).


Main use of maltooligosaccharide

1. Sports drinks that can reduce sweetness and supplement calories

2. Used for masking soybean smell such as soy milk

3. Improving the moisture retention of confectionery and baking (excellent moisturizing effect)

4. Grant soft texture