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Date palm syrup

-What is Date palm syrup?

Date palm syrup is generally produced and used by processing date palm (especially, hot water extraction) and in the Middle East, it is made into syrup by using the same method and used as sugar substitute sweetener, often as a sweetener to give sweetness to drinks and teas.

It is native to North Africa and is a kind of fruit mainly produced in the Middle East.

Date palm is 60% of the flesh is made of natural sugars that are good for your body, making it an excellent energy source and rich in fiber, which is excellent for preventing and treating constipation.

In particular, it is widely edible in the Middle East and is also drawn on the UAE banknotes, and Palm Jumeirah Beach in Dubai, which has been spotlighted as a world-famous attraction, is also constructed in the shape of Date palm tree.


– Major Physiological Function of Date palm syrup

Constipation prevention effect

Bone health improvement effect

Anemia prevention effect

Allergies prevention effect

Energy booster / Fatique recovery

Nervous system health improvement effect

Heart health improvement

Sexual function improvement effect