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High-purity Maltulose

– Definition of High-purity Maltulose

High-purity maltulose is an isomer of maltose, a disaccharide in which glucose and fructose have α-1,4 bonds.

High-purity maltulose is a rare sugar in nature that is present in trace amounts in honey and beer.

The sweetness is about 40-50% of sugar.

Leucrose : C12H22O11=342. A kind of disaccharide.

It consists of one molecule of D-glucose and D-fructose, and has a structure in which pyranose-type D-glucose is bound to pyranose-type D-fructose by α-1 and 5-glycosidic bonds.


– Major Physiological Function of High-purity Maltulose
Better sweetness than Maltose
Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Hepatic fat production inhibitory effect

Health functional materials in food and pharmaceutical

【Molecular structure of High-purity Maltulose】