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SBA-5000 (β-amylase)

SBA-5000/Higher activity and thermal stable β-amylase


– Advantages of SBA-5000 (β-amylase), a Higher activity and thermal stable β-amylase


1. Bringing stability to saccharification

SBA-5000 is a thermostable beta amylase enzyme for maltose syrup production. SBA-5000 has a higher product activity and this activity level remains stable during storage. This stability results in simpler, more consistent dosing and processing that does not need constant monitoring.

It is becoming increasingly important in the sweetener market.


2. Simpler operations with lower costs

Traditionally, maltose syrup production requires a pH increase from 4.0 to 5.6 before the liquefaction step, and a further adjustment to lower pH again for the next step in the starch process, saccharification. This double pH adjustment requires chemicals.

Using SBA-5000 means that the process can run at pH 4.5~6.0 throughout both liquefaction and saccharification. So when used together maltose syrup production can run at a lower pH from liquefaction to saccharification. This saves on chemicals for pH adjustment, ion Exchange resins and regeneration chemicals – and this translates to cash savings.


【Molecular structure of β-amylase】