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SBF-5000 (Fructosyltransferase/FTase)

– Definition and function of Fructosyltransferase

It is an enzyme used to make fructooligosaccharide (FOS) based on sugar or raw sugar. The fructosyltransferase hydrolyzes raw sugar or sugar, and then binds one molecule of fructose to the raw sugar or sugar molecule to synthesize oligosaccharides.

Currently, the most widely sold oligosaccharides at home and abroad are fructooligosaccharides, which are sold not only in Asia and Europe but also in North and South America.

SB Food Co., Ltd. manufactures Fructosyltransferaseand uses it to make fructooligosaccharide and sells enzymes externally.

Currently, there are many kinds of oligosaccharides produced and sold at home and abroad. Milk powder companies produce galactoligosaccharides and fructooligosaccharides in milk powder as physiologically functional materials.

In addition, fructooligosaccharide is widely used as a raw material of various functional foods, and sales volume is increasing every year.


【Molecular structure of Fructosyltransferase]